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Our Disaster Planning Guide helps you plan ahead of a emergency, ensuring your business is well prepared before a disaster strikes. This guide will walk you through an 8-step disaster preparation process, beginning with continuity planning and ending with recovery and rebuild efforts.


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There are 8 steps necessary to be prepare for any kind of disaster. Get practical application for your own business to be prepared.


The first 4 steps to you'll walk through are:


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  1.             1. Continuity Planning

    1.             2. Emergency Planning

    2.             3. Emergency Supplies

    3.             4. Deciding to Stay or Go

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Need Emergency Space Solutions?

Calamities such as natural disasters, fires, terrorist attacks, and human error can easily disrupt normal business operations to the point that the a business must close its doors forever. Planning in advance for such a loss dramatically increases your chances of surviving and resuming normal operations. Wilmot Modular's Rapid Response Program saves you the trouble of finding space fast at the time of disaster.