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Wilmot Modular Structures Custom Modular Buildings

Think Different, Build Better with Offsite Construction

At Wilmot Modular, we believe it's time to rethink how capital projects should be planned and executed. There are time saving and financial benefits to considering offsite construction. Take advantage of our full turnkey services including site development, engineering services, and construction management as well as financial options to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget!

Our modular building construction follows these simple steps

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Phase 1: Feasibility Study of Land

Wilmot Modular Structures evaluates the benefits of our prefabricated structures as they relate to overall space needs in both the short and long-term. Modular structures work with virtually any budget. Re-usability, flexible engineering capabilities and the vast number of ideas for maximizing space usage combine to make modular buildings one of the most cost-effective and efficient type of construction process.

Phase 2: Site Planning

Wilmot Modular Structures will serve as general contractor, overseeing all aspects of site preparation using our extensive subcontractor network. With Wilmot providing a total turnkey solution, no detail will slip through the project plan, ensuring timely completion and quality performance.

Phase 3: Design Building

Upon completion of a feasibility study, Wilmot's team will consult with our network of suppliers to design the right space to meet our client's specific needs. Wilmot's team can recommend interior and exterior floor plans, quality building components and other materials that work within our client's budget, quality requirements and timelines.

Phase 4: Building Fabrication/Site Development

After the client approves the design and project plan, module fabrication begins. The assembly process is coordinated with simultaneous site activity in order to benefit work schedules, materials and sub-trades availability and to ensure that quality standards are met. As each module is complete, sections are transported by Wilmot's licensed and approved carriers to the job site.

Phase 5: Delivery & Installation

At the point at which component modules arrive at the fully prepared job site, installation begins. All modules are constructed by Wilmot's team of subcontracted experts in strict accordance with the project plan.

Phase 6: Completion

Wilmot Modular Structures employs a project manager who not only oversees all aspects of the project, from fabrication to design to installation, but also ensures that each piece is integrated as part of a seamless, trouble-free process. Our project inspection procedures allow for a review all elements of the work, promising client satisfaction and high quality work standards. Sub-trade work is also inspected to Wilmot's high standards. Our goal is to complete the project on time, within budget and to the highest standards possible.

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Get a custom-designed modular structure quickly, efficiently, and showcase your professional image

Modular buildings are an affordable time-saving solution to your expanding space needs. Our turnkey services help ensure your experience is simple from start to finish!

We offer a variety of interior and exterior finishes and treatments designed to integrate your modular building with any existing structures.

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Financing Available


We offer a variety of flexible financing options to meet your business requirements. Your local representative can help you choose the best option!

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