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Think Different, Build Better: At Wilmot Modular, we believe it's time to rethink how capital projects should be planned and executed. There are time saving and financial benefits to considering off site construction.

Get a custom-designed modular structure quickly, efficiently, and that showcases your professional image. Modular buildings are an affordable time-saving solution to your expanding space needs. Our turnkey services help ensure your experience is simple from start to finish!

We offer a variety of interior and exterior finishes and treatments designed to integrate your modular building with any existing structures.

Our modular building construction follows these simple steps:


feasibility study

feasibility study

Wilmot Modular Structures evaluates the benefits of our prefabricated structures as they relate to overall space needs in both the short and long-term. Modular structures work with virtually any budget. Re-usability, flexible engineering capabilities and the vast number of ideas for maximizing space usage combine to make modular buildings one of the most cost-effective and efficient type of construction process.




Upon completion of a feasibility study, Wilmot's team will consult with our network of suppliers to design the right space to meet our client's specific needs. Wilmot's team can recommend interior and exterior floor plans, quality building components and other materials that work within our client's budget, quality requirements and timelines.


site planning

site planning

Wilmot Modular Structures will serve as general contractor, overseeing all aspects of site preparation using our extensive subcontractor network. With Wilmot providing a total turnkey solution, no detail will slip through the project plan, ensuring timely completion and quality performance.




After the client approves the design and project plan, module fabrication begins. The assembly process is coordinated with simultaneous site activity in order to benefit work schedules, materials and sub-trades availability and to ensure that quality standards are met. As each module is complete, sections are transported by Wilmot's licensed and approved carriers to the job site




At the point at which component modules arrive at the fully prepared job site, installation begins. All modules are constructed by Wilmot's team of subcontracted experts in strict accordance with the project plan.




Wilmot Modular Structures employs a project manager who not only oversees all aspects of the project, from fabrication to design to installation, but also ensures that each piece is integrated as part of a seamless, trouble-free process. Our project inspection procedures allow for a review all elements of the work, promising client satisfaction and high quality work standards. Sub-trade work is also inspected to Wilmot's high standards. Our goal is to complete the project on time, within budget and to the highest standards possible.


    If your congregation outgrows your current space, get affordable, expandable, and relocatable mobile spaces for your sanctuary, administration offices, classrooms, daycare centers, meeting rooms, and recreation facilities.

    Not only does modular construction offer you room to grow, but our buildings are built off-site so there is less disruption during the construction process! Worried about financing? We offer flexible finance options, all designed to meet your needs. 

    See our Churches Projects

    St. Thomas
    Administrative Offices
    Administrative Offices

    Permanent modular buildings can serve as corporate headquarters, satellite bureaus, institutional and administrative buildings, and offices for small businesses.

    In contrast, temporary mobile and modular buildings can temporarily enlarge a current facility without permanent alterations to the site. These offices can be single- and multi-story buildings configured to include independent offices, conference rooms, and large open spaces. These spaces are great for large and small businesses as well as local and state governments.

    Take advantage of our full turnkey services including site development, engineering services, and construction management as well as financial options to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget!

    We offer many special features including:
    • Fire Alarm, Sprinkler & Security Systems
    • Custom Exterior & Interior Finishes
    • Custom Lighting & Skylights
    • Elevators & Handicapped Accessibility

    See our Variety of Office Projects

    custom modular building - relocatable office space
    Edward Jones
    Fort Belvoir
    Greenspring Retirement
    Larry's Towing
    Professional Offices
    Maryland Port Authority
    Mt. Storm Power Station
    Paul Reed Smith
    Washington Redskins
    Waste Management
    Wilmot Head Office
    Wilmot Service Center

    Children need safe, comfortable, yet sturdy learning environments. Our mobile and modular buildings provide all this and more. We offer many child-friendly amenities, including:

    • Security & Sprinkler Systems
    • Washable Wall Finishes
    • Tackboards, Shelving, and Cubbies
    General Specifications:
    • Immediate Delivery
    • Standard or Custom Floorplans
    • Numerous Interior or
      Exterior finishes
    • Quick Response
    • Flexible Financing
    • Lease or Purchase
    • Temporary or Permanent Use

    See our Daycares Projects

    St. Maximillian
    Educational Facilities
    Educational Facilities

    Fluctuating enrollments, shifting demographics, and aging facilities are just a few of the reasons school administration staff rely on modular classrooms and buildings. Modular schools and portable classrooms, temporary or permanent, can be relocated or expanded to accommodate the growth of your school district.

    From a single classroom to a multi-classroom facility, we can design and deliver the right mobile and modular space you need.

    • Classrooms & Labs
    • Libraries
    • Science Labs
    • Administration Offices
    Anne Beers Elementary Canopy-3

    Click the picture to read about the benefits of awnings & canopies in schools modular design.

    Planning for your Modular Building or Classroom

    Don't get caught not having your modular building or classroom In time for the deadlines you need to hit Wilmot Modular offers a variety of Innovat. services that meet pro1ect demands and client requirements.

    See our Educational Facilities Projects

    Permanent Schools
    Temporary Schools

    If your healthcare facility needs more space, consider a modular building as a cost-effective flexible solution. Temporary or permanent modular construction offers quiet, safe, and clean spaces. Many clients use our buildings for new clinics, hospital expansion, laboratories, diagnostic centers, MRI units, dentist offices, and more.

    Your healthcare facility can be open for business and ready to serve your community in as little as a few days. Best of all, get custom built designs while maintaining strict medical and aesthetic specifications!


    Single story or multi-story buildings can be custom designed for:
    • Administrative & Medical Offices
    • Clinics & Laboratories
    • Patient Care Facilities
    • Drug & Alcohol Clinic
    • Emergency Room
    • MRI Facilities

    See our Healthcare Projects

    Medical Drug Treatment Facility
    Honeygo Animal Hospital
    National Arboretum
    Sibley Hospital
    Retail Offices
    Retail Offices

    Modular construction is an accelerated process that saves time and money. Earlier occupancy means quicker return on investment. This is very important to all retail businesses!

    Standard floorplans are available for immediate delivery, while custom buildings are built to your specifications in weeks, not months. While buildings are built in a quality-controlled factory, site work occurs at the same time. This results in a much shorter overall construction period and minimal disruption on site.

    If your emerging business needs are short term, temporary (or permanent) mobile buildings can accommodate any financial needs or deadlines!

    • Banks
    • Restaurants
    • Convenience Stores
    • Concession Stands
    • College Bookstores
    • Car Dealerships

    See our Retail Offices Projects

    Car Dealerships
    Parking Facilities
    Scale Houses
    Scale Houses

    Our team offers affordable space solutions for scale houses that monitor and manage cargo weight, traffic, and transactions at highway weigh stations, landfills, and recycling centers.

    These buildings can be customized to include electrical systems, factory plumbed restrooms, and HVAC systems. Exterior features can include custom roof structures, special glazing (including ballistics rated walls, roofs, and windows), custom paint finishes, and exterior wall treatments such as factory-applied brick or stone.

    Scale House features:
    • Helps to eliminate the down time required to build a conventional scale house
    • Fully assembled and ready for occupancy
    • Great for highway weigh stations, landfills & recycling centers
    • Durable construction, flexible designs, custom finishes, versatile, affordable

    See our Scale Houses Projects

    Honeygo Reclamation
    Potomac Metal
    Prospect Metal
    Security Applications
    Security Applications

    Outdated facilities can compromise your secure assets. Get a quick and safe replacement with modular buildings. Our team aims to provide all clients a fast turnaround. Additionally, modular and mobile buildings can cost up to 50% less than conventional constructed buildings!

    • Jails/Dormitories
    • Juvenile Detention Centers
    • Work Areas
    • Counseling Rooms
    • Inmate Housing Units
    • Medical Treatment Centers
    • Special Management Units
    • Holding Centers
    • Administration Offices (eg. Court Houses/Rooms, Classification Centers, Reception Centers)

    See our Security Applications Projects

    Detention Centers
    Guard Houses
    Self Storage
    Self Storage

    When building a self-storage facility, modular construction can offer significant advantages over stick-built construction. Temporary and permanent modular buildings are built in strict accordance with appropriate local, state, and national regulations and codes.

    Modular buildings have the same life expectancy as traditionally built buildings, and with proper maintenance, can last indefinitely.

    Self-storage features:
    • custom exteriors to match existing facilities
    • durable exterior & interior finishes
    • architecturally designed
    • can be relocated
    • ground-level entry or elevated with ramp
    The Benefits with Modular Construction:
    • Faster completion in construction - Start earning rental revenue in half the time of standard construction
    • Minimal disruption to current operation
    • The most current technology for security measures
    • Energy efficient features to save you money
    • Built with your schedule and budget in mind!

    See our Self Storage Projects

    Training Centers
    Training Centers

    Company training needs fluctuate throughout your business cycle. In times of large employee trainings, a custom modular building mitigates the need to take up space required to run your business. It also allows for the convenience of keeping your employees on-site and training together by removing the need to lease space off-site.


    Key benefits of modular construction:
    • Accelerated building process that can be up and running in a matter of a few days
    • Flexible design, whether for temporary or permanent solutions
    • Custom exterior and interior finishes to support employee needs
    • Can cost up to 50% less than conventional constructed buildings
    • Minimal to no disruption to current operations
    • Turnkey solution which includes site development, engineering services, construction management, and even financial options.

    See our Training Centers Projects

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    We offer a variety of flexible financing options
    to meet your business requirements. Your local
    representative can help you choose the best option!


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