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Common Challenges Government Facilities Face During Expansion & How to Overcome Them with Modular Buildings

Posted by Wilmot Modular on July 12, 2022

Government departments must remain operational during expansion projects, as they often provide vital services to the local community. These departments must find a way to keep their employees working while construction is in progress. In addition, they must be able to address potential delays in project completion caused by bad weather or other factors.

Modular construction and temporary facilities allow government projects to continue without interrupting workers’ productivity and help owners address potential delays. Below are some common challenges government facilities face and how modular construction can help address them.



Challenge 1: Less Productivity Due to Distracted Employees

Workers are already distracted by coworkers, emails, and social media. According to a 2018 Udemy survey, more than 70% of workers report feeling distracted on the job, with 16% saying they almost always feel unfocused.

Add a construction project to the mix, and you’re looking at more lost productivity. Construction projects create a lot of traffic: vehicles, workers, and equipment. They also can be noisy. All this activity can lead to additional distractions for your employees, reducing their productivity even more.


How to Overcome: Provide Quiet, Distraction-Free Office Spaces



By providing your workers with quiet office space separated from construction activities, you allow them to focus more on their work. This increase in productivity saves you money and reduces worker stress. Mobile or modular office space is a flexible option for swing space needs. Offices can be customized to fit the needs of your employees and their work environment. 


Challenge 2: Employee Dissatisfaction

According to the Academy to Innovate HR, signs of employee dissatisfaction include a lack of interest and enthusiasm, procrastination, tardiness and absenteeism, declining performance, and stress and negativity. Dissatisfied workers can cause many problems, including decreased productivity, increased turnover, and an unfavorable impact on your business’s reputation.


How to Overcome: Provide Employees With the Space They Need to Work Comfortably



According to a Glassdoor survey, 53% of employees believe that receiving more appreciation from their boss would make them stay longer with that employer. Workers feel more appreciated and cared for when provided with a quiet, comfortable, and practical workspace. Mobile offices are a great way to provide quality workspace during an expansion project. Instead of asking employees to work in the middle of a construction zone, they remain comfortable and are free to concentrate on their work.


Challenge 3: Delays Due to Bad Weather

Each year, weather delays affect 45% of construction projects worldwide, costing contractors and project owners billions of dollars in added expenses and lost revenue. No matter what time of the year work is performed, it can be susceptible to the influence of severe weather.


How to Overcome: Use Modular Construction to Overcome Weather Delays

Modular and mobile office buildings are assembled in factories which provides tight tolerances and quality control. Sheltered construction from the elements means weather delays are no longer a factor. You can ensure that your project will be completed on time with modular construction.


Challenge 4: Unexpected Delays in Expansion Project

Construction projects can be delayed for many reasons. Permit issues, design questions, material delays, or labor shortages may contribute to project schedule delays. When a project is delayed, it is often more than just an inconvenience. Project owners rely on accurate scheduling to launch their business operations. Delays can lead to increasing costs, lost revenue, and potential damages.



How to Overcome: Use Modular Buildings to Keep Your Business Running

Modular buildings provide owners with flexibility when undertaking an expansion or renovation project. They can be used temporarily or installed permanently on-site. Wilmot offers flexible financing and lease or buy options to help owners acquire the buildings they need when they need them. Owners can use these buildings as long as required, allowing them to continue operating while waiting for construction to finish. In addition, in-stock facilities allow for quick deployment of various building types in response to an urgent situation.


Count on Wilmot Modular to Make it Easy for You

Government departments and branches can count on Wilmot Modular Structures to provide quality temporary and permanent modular buildings to meet their needs. We can help both state and local public entities streamline the bidding process by utilizing our contract with The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS). The TIPS program allows government entities to quickly get a competitive bid on modular buildings with an experienced, American-owned contractor. This gives these entities the buying power of a national contract at a low price, and the streamlined procurement process enables fast and timely delivery.



If you operate a government facility and are contemplating an expansion or remodel project, Contact Wilmot Modular to provide quality workspace for your workers to allow them to continue to be productive during construction.


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