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Our Services in White Marsh, MD

Wilmot is unique in that we provide a variety of building types for many different industries. From modified containers to relocatable or permanent modular buildings and panelized structures, we offer building space solutions for the education, healthcare, construction, and industrial sectors, among many others.

Discover Our Difference

Innovative building solutions can help you get up and running fast. When you choose modular construction with Wilmot, your building can get completed much more quickly and efficiently so you can start earning revenue faster while you maintain that professional look.

Save Time

Save up to 50% on construction time! With modular construction, your building is built off-site while your foundation is being poured on-site. Weather delays are no longer an issue!

Get Attention to Detail

Get a high quality design while you stay within your budget. We offer customized buildings and designs to match your existing aesthetic!
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Eliminate Frustration

With our turnkey advantage services, we help make your entire project progress efficiently and quickly from start to finish so you don't have to worry about a thing.
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