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Effectively Assessing Employee Impairment: A Testimony To Our Strong Safety Culture

Posted by Wilmot Modular on December 1, 2023

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Director of Operations, Ted Wooden, shares insights in a Constructive Executive Magazine interview on Wilmot Modular Structures' proactive approach to assessing employee impairment post-marijuana legalization. The adoption of impairment detection technology signifies a shift from traditional biometric testing to prioritizing impairment and safety. 

The article discusses the proactive approach taken by Wilmot Modular Structures in Maryland to address potential challenges related to the legalization of recreational marijuana. With the legalization of marijuana in November 2022, the company sought ways to assess employee impairment effectively. Traditional drug tests can detect the presence of substances, but they may not indicate impairment. Wilmot adopted impairment detection technology, specifically a product called Druid by Impairment Science. Druid is a touchscreen app loaded onto employees' phones that assesses impairment by measuring response times and accuracy in a series of prompts similar to a video game. The app is used daily, and the data is compared against each employee's baseline.

This shift towards impairment detection technology represents a paradigm shift from punitive drug and alcohol testing programs to a focus on impairment and safety. Changing attitudes, laws, and technological advancements contribute to this shift.

The article emphasizes the potential benefits of impairment detection technology, including real-time objectivity, privacy, comprehensive detection, prevention, and cost savings. The technology can help identify workforce patterns, fatigue levels, and locations with higher fatigue rates. While there are still barriers to adoption, such as employee resistance and management hesitancy, the potential cost savings and improved safety make impairment detection technology a compelling option for some companies. 

The emphasis on a holistic approach that focuses on impairment rather than punitive measures is the future of safety culture here at Wilmot. Read more in the official article by Constructive Executive.

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