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Furniture Design Ideas to Increase Productivity in Your Modular Office

Posted by Wilmot Modular on June 28, 2019

Cubicles in office building

The great debate of open office plans tends to divide most offices, whether modular or traditional. Yes, there is research out there that says open layouts can be distracting, and there’s also research that suggests it can spark creativity and collaboration between employees.

However, regardless of the overall layout your office’s furniture design and arrangement can spark creativity and productivity. Learn how to create a working environment conducive to success below.


Create Collaborative Workspaces

Whether it’s community conference tables or individual conference rooms, give your office a space to brainstorm, meet, and most importantly communicate in person. One study suggests that face-to-face requests are 34 times more likely to be successful than over email or instant messaging like Slack, since people communicate more effectively in person and there’s less to misinterpret.


Provide Storage Solutions

There’s nothing more distracting than clutter. According to one article, “a messy workspace can be a self-defeating environment”... Either you won’t find what you need when you need it, or you’ll find yourself organizing your workspace instead of completing a project you’ve already been procrastinating. Much of today’s modern furniture is minimal so drawers are becoming more of a luxury in many offices. If not built-in drawers, use storage bins, cabinets, file organizers, or anything else to minimize the risk of clutter.

Floor plan with furniture-cropped

Increase Comfort and Don’t Forget the Perks

While ergonomic and flex seating are popular office trends, having a variety of seating areas and options gives you the ability to take a mental break (and physical break), and can take you out of the post-lunch rut. It can also serve as a way to brainstorm with coworkers!

Perks are also a part of many offices, especially when you consider the millennial factor. Free snacks, coffee, and even dog-friendly offices are commonplace and many individuals are starting to favor workplaces that have those perks. Offer your staff a coffee bar to beat the competition!

Break Room in Custom Modular Building

Learn More About Office Design Trends

The pressure of having a modern, open office layout shouldn’t restrict you from creating a positive work environment. However, it can be tedious searching for all your office furniture needs.

Wilmot Modular recognizes that turnkey services are convenient for all to start operating out of their modular office as fast as possible. That’s why we are now providing a wide selection of furniture to complete your office space. Visit our Furniture page to find out more about what we have to offer!

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