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How to Choose a Mobile Office: Factors to Consider

Posted by Wilmot Modular on June 26, 2018

Jobsite Trailer for Mobile Office Project

The benefits of using a mobile, or relocatable, office building are endless. Whether it's repurposed from a shipping container or built as a mobile office trailer and chosen from an existing lease fleet of mobile offices, they're a great way to provide temporary workspace.

There are many categories to begin answering when looking to invest in a mobile office. Space issues, pricing, layouts and your particular needs are all things to take into consideration.

Here's a guide to help you know the different things to consider and think through regarding how to choose your mobile office:

    •  - Mobile Office Sizes
    •  - Mobile Layouts and what's included
    •  - Interior & Exterior Materials
    •  - Purchase Options
    •  - Site Considerations


Questions to ask when choosing a size for your office space:

  1. 1. How many people will be working in the space?
  2. 2. Will each person need an electrical outlet?
  3. 3. Will a common area be needed for conference/meetings or cubicle spaces?
  4. 4. Will handicapped facilities be required?
  5. 5. How long will this mobile office be in use each day? 
  6. 6. Do I have my own desks or cubicles or will I need built-in furniture?
  7. 7. How safe is the site? Will extra security features like special locks, window guards, and door bars be necessary?
  8. 8. How remote is the site? Will holding tanks for water and waste be needed in order to have working restrooms?

Mobile Office Sizes

In terms of sizing options, you have a wide variety ranging from 8X20 to 24X60!

Different Sizes for Mobile Offices (link desired above will be added here):

8X20, 10X40, 10X46, 12X56, 12X60, 24X60

Different sizes obviously come with typical layouts, however, there are optional features that can be added to enhance the benefits of each model.


8X20 Container Offices

8X20 mobile office

For the needs of 1-2 employees, this is a great size and layout. With a desk, table and storage drawers included, it covers the needs of a start-up business or temporary mobile office, something a small construction site would find useful. There are no rooms divided in this layout. This open space layout fosters collaboration through shared working space. The Container Office is also installed directly on the ground giving you ground level access and no need to rent steps.


 10X40 Mobile Office

10X40 Mobile office unit

This layout provides two rooms, both of which have their own desk and shelving available. There’s also an extra table for collaborative space. This layout would work well for 2-4 people, again, depending on how much space is needed to be shared. A temporary administrator’s office for overflow school space is a good example of where this could function well. These are also popular for Construction Project Manager's offices on sites because they allow a private office and separate meeting space for subs.


12x56 Mobile Office

12X56 mobile office layout

In this layout, there's clearly extra room for common space which includes the convenience of a bathroom. There is also a storage closet in addition to the normal shelving cabinets offered. Ask how many daily or weekly items your business uses that would need a set-aside space. Consider also, if you'll be holding meetings with outside guests, subs or vendors in this space; having a storage closet to put coats or hide any cleaning or loose items when they come could be helpful. Because of the bathroom and optional water and holding tank being on site with this office, the location is not as much of a concern. Work in the forest, on a mountain, or any remote place because you’ll have everything you need to be fully functional.


24X60 Mobile Office

24X60 mobile office layout

This layout is for small businesses that have already found committed employees and are growing fast or larger businesses needing swing space during renovations. It is commonly used as office space for support teams on large construction projects. For a business with at least 4-8 people, you'll have the private space for full meetings with a sectioned-off room. Each person can have their own office or share the space and expand your workforce! A convenient option in this layout is the kitchenette. Ask how often you want to have to go out for lunch and compare it to the convenience of having lunch in the office. The large open space in the center of the layout provides space for cubicles or common space for larger meetings.


Interior and Exterior Materials to Consider

For any layout option, you're considering, interior and exterior preferences can be discussed and modified from what’s originally offered.

Start with the exterior since there aren’t as many decisions needing to be made.

Think through the exterior finishes and color choices. Duratemp, a plywood siding is easy to paint. You can choose your own color or just take the standard colors on the available buildings in the lease fleet.

For interior decisions in your mobile office, think through the desired material for walls and flooring.

Many walls in the larger modular buildings are covered with a vinyl finish giving the space an open and light environment. The vinyl is installed over paneling or ½" sheetrock.  The advantage of sheetrock is its sound attenuating properties and with an additional layer, can also provide a 1-hour fire rating.

The flooring options are between tile, carpet, a painted floor, or a combination of several. Where you won't run out of flooring options, the ceiling offerings are narrowed down for you. Sea-spray gypsum it is, no questions asked!

Once the desired layout, exterior, and interior decisions have been made, get into action with seeing your plans come to completion…literally!


Financing Options

With Wilmot Modular, you choose the financing option that best suits your needs. Wilmot offers a variety of flexible financing options designed to meet your business requirements and will work with any budget. 

  1. - Purchase: This can be an option available through Wilmot Modular loan plans.
  2. - Lease
  3. - Lease to Purchase

Knowing why mobile offices are great solutions and how to start visualizing your next business space, call today with any questions we haven’t answered yet for your wants and needs!

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