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How to Provide an Environment that will Attract and Retain Great Employees

Posted by Wilmot Modular on April 12, 2022

With employers everywhere struggling to attract top talent and retain workers on staff, companies are facing more pressure to provide a positive work environment. Open office plans have been the staple of office workspace design for several years due to their economy and flexibility.

However, providing a positive working environment is more than just erecting cubicles. Workers need room to meet with coworkers, work privately without distraction, and have a connection with the outside world.

modular building


Modular buildings can provide companies with an economical solution to their work environment needs. We're going to look at why a good working environment matters and how to create one for your employees.


Why a Good Working Environment Matters to Employees

A good working environment can foster employees' social, emotional, and physical well-being. If your employees struggle in these areas, the working environment may be to blame. When companies look for a quick way to add more workspace or revamp their existing space, custom modular buildings provide a welcome solution.

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Modular buildings are in high demand as businesses continue to navigate the changing work environment due to the pandemic. By offering flexible spaces, modular buildings can help increase productivity and employee retention.

As companies compete with work at home models, workers will focus more on finding a positive work environment. This change to a more remote workforce influences how offices will be designed and furnished in the future.


Improved Mental, Physical, and Social Health

Studies have found that lighting, temperature, the presence of windows, and air movement all influence employees' attitude at work. These changes affect how workers behave at work, their satisfaction, and their performance. Providing workers with space that meets their needs and makes them feel good leads to more productivity and satisfied workers.


Improved Ability to Focus

Open-plan offices can lead to more distraction from noise than private offices. This distraction influences workers' ability to focus on the work they are performing. Even the noise caused by phones, copiers, and keyboards can be distracting. Providing workers with a quiet workspace improves their ability to focus and increases accuracy. Work teams may also need private meeting space to work collaboratively.


Improved Productivity

Open plan offices can reduce worker productivity and increase stress if noise and other distractions are not addressed.

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On the other hand, studies show that workers who socialize with coworkers for 15 minutes demonstrated a 20% increase in performance. Exposure to good lighting, temperature controls, and windows can also increase productivity.


Improved Sense of Employee Appreciation

Providing a good working environment shows workers that you care about them and their health and wellness. For example, millennials demonstrate loyalty to their companies when they feel fulfilled at their current job. This includes understanding their preferences in the workplace environment. Employees that feel appreciated have a better attitude about work and are more productive. They are also less likely to leave.


Create an Environment to Retain Employees

A positive work environment is both attractive to new employees and helps retain existing employees. This environment includes providing enough space for workers, access to privacy, and space for breaks or small group meetings.

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Good lighting, comfortable temperatures, access to views outside, and good air movement all help provide a positive work environment for employees. Many companies look to open office plans to help them save on costs and improve the collaboration of workers. However, workers need private space and group space to work with team members. Balancing these needs is the key to modern office design.


Key Amenities that Attract Employees to a Workplace

Employees are looking for companies with flexible space conducive to collaboration, movement, and relaxation. They also need privacy and the ability to work remotely when necessary.

Amenities that are attractive to employees include:

Recreation areas and activity rooms - These may consist of games or other activities to help workers blow off steam and take a break.

Collaborative meeting spaces - These spaces provide room for impromptu or planned meetings among team members.

Huddle rooms or conversation pods – These spaces take the place of water coolers or other gathering places for workers to socialize and meet informally.

Private areas or rooms - Workers need soundproof places to take care of personal business, make calls, or simply rest for a few minutes without interruption or distraction.

Break rooms – These rooms allow workers to socialize and spend their breaks without having to leave the building. Providing snacks and other healthy foods can encourage workers to stay and promote healthy eating.

Gyms - Gyms and exercise rooms give employees a chance to blow off steam and take care of their physical health while they are at work. Many office workers spend a lot of time sitting, which can be dangerous to their health.

open eating area

If you can't provide the amenities listed above, you can still create a healthy, vibrant workspace. Be sure that everyone has access to the following:


Elbow Room

Make sure that each workspace is large enough to provide workers the room they need without infringing on others’ space. Benching has become the new way to provide a flexible workspace. It involves providing a counter or table where many workers can operate instead of separate desks for everyone. This reduces costs because fewer walls and furniture are needed.


Natural Light

Studies show that humans spend about 90% of their time indoors. We need to connect to nature, and natural light can help. Workers exposed to natural light are more productive, and operational costs are reduced because of the reduced need for artificial lighting. Workers also benefit from the views of nature and the associated connection to the outside world.

natural light in office


Distraction-Free Areas

Along with the need for collaboration space, workers need room to work privately without distractions. It has been shown that ambient noise from office equipment and conversations reduces workers' ability to focus on their work. Creating private workspaces gives workers the flexibility they need.


Modular Buildings are a Great Option to Improve Employees' Working Environment

If you're currently struggling with an overcrowded, stuffy set of offices, your environment can be improved by expanding with modular buildings. Modular buildings are a great way to expand quickly, and their custom designs allow them to be used for multiple purposes. Modular buildings provide natural light, more space, and can be customized with furniture that is built for flexibility.

Healthy workers are more productive, use less sick time, and are happier at work. The work environment has a significant effect on worker health and safety. Companies looking to expand their workforce can use custom modular buildings to meet their building needs quickly and economically.


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