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How Universities Can Manage Changing Facility Needs Due to Women’s Sports Teams

Posted by Wilmot Modular on June 28, 2022


Universities around the country are scrambling to improve their facilities due to women’s sports teams. The rising popularity of women’s sports and an increase in the number of women participating in sports contribute to this boom. Another factor is the recent press regarding the inequities between women’s and men’s sports facilities. With this added scrutiny, universities are under tremendous pressure to improve their existing facilities or increase the amount of space for these facilities.

With tight timelines and tighter budgets, universities are looking for alternatives to construction processes, which can be time-consuming and costly. Modular construction provides a quicker response to changing needs and allows universities to economically address temporary trends.


What Kinds of Facilities Do Universities Need to Expand?


An expansion in collegiate sports means that universities and colleges need various building types. You may need one or more of the following to expand your facilities.


Locker Rooms

Universities may need to expand their current locker facilities to accommodate more athletes and larger teams. These facilities provide security for athletes’ possessions and meeting and changing rooms.


Locker Room Facility


Shower Facilities

More shower facilities must be provided to accommodate the influx of athletes. Privacy and sanitation (even more now with Covid-19) are two critical aspects of providing shower facilities. 


Shower FacilityShower Facility


Space for Visiting Teams

Universities need facilities not only for their own sports teams but also for visiting team members as well. These facilities need to provide safe, sanitary facilities for visiting athletes.


Space for Visiting Teams. Bathroom Facility.


How Wilmot Modular Has Helped Universities Expand Their Facilities


Wilmot Modular provides both permanent and temporary solutions to university facility issues. We have a fleet of facilities ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. In addition, we are the largest supplier on the East Coast of specialty facilities like locker rooms and shower facilities. And with our local manufacturing facility, we can meet the custom needs of all our customers. All Wilmot locker rooms, restrooms, and shower facilities are ADA compliant and provide clear space to provide barrier-free access.


Villanova University (Pennsylvania)

We worked with Villanova University in Pennsylvania to provide expanded locker, shower, and bathroom facilities for their women’s lacrosse team. We implemented a temporary facility that allows them to place the new facilities close to their current facilities. The exterior of the temporary facility was painted in the school colors to match the existing campus. The entire process from initial communication to facility use took 30 days, with installation occurring in one day.


Loyola University (Baltimore)

Loyola University in Baltimore reached out to us to help them expand their locker and shower facilities for their tennis team. They were looking for a permanent facility to augment their current buildings. We implemented a permanent structure that included interior and exterior upgrades. Ceramic tile was used on the floors and walls to make maintenance and cleanup easier. On the exterior of the building, HardiPlank was used to blend in with the current look of the surrounding buildings. Installation only took one week, and the entire process, including design and permitting, was completed in 60 days.


Wilmot Modular Building


Why Wilmot Modular is the Best Solution for Universities


Wilmot Modular is the best solution for universities looking to expand their sports team facilities because we offer a quick turnaround and the flexibility needed to meet a university’s changing needs.


Turnkey Solution is the Fastest Option

Modular construction provides the ability to complete a university’s building needs quickly. Wilmot can dispatch temporary and permanent solutions up to half the standard construction time. In addition, we can take care of more than just the building. Running utilities, pouring the foundation, and pulling permits can be done while simultaneously working on building construction. This means we can quickly address changing needs and provide permanent, long-term solutions.


Flexibility to Get What You Need

Flexible design allows you to customize both temporary and permanent buildings to meet your exact requirements. Our team can design the perfect solution if you have unique building specifications or are having trouble finding what you need. Our design team works with you to implement interior and exterior upgrades and changes. For example, we offer moisture-resistant interior finishes for durability and easy cleanup. We also provide a variety of restroom fixtures and accessories, including touchless features for a higher level of sanitation. We allow you to get the needed facilities without waiting months or years.


Wilmot is Here for You


For a quick response to your sports facility needs, including locker rooms, showers, and restrooms, you can count on Wilmot Modular Structures. Whether you are looking for a temporary solution, or something more permanent, Wilmot has the skills and resources to meet your schedule and budget requirements. Contact us today to get started.

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