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Modular Buildings Expand Storage and Office Options for Facility Managers

Posted by Wilmot Modular on December 21, 2017

You may already be familiar with some of the uses of temporary modular structures in commercial and industrial capacities. These solutions are versatile and useful in many different workplaces and industries, but sometimes you may not need more space, but a way to organize and segment the space you already have.


Types and Options

With different sizes, types of structures, and applications, there are many ways to break up or re-organize your workspace. There are two options that will make the largest impact on your space reorganization:

- Mezzanines

- In Plant Offices

If you work in a large warehouse or plant, in-plant modular structures (also called in-plant offices or IPOs) may be an easy solution to your space issues. Whether you feel like your workplace has wasted or unused air space, cramped offices not separated from the work floor, or not enough storage, our panelized systems have nearly unlimited layout possibilities to help optimize your work-floor.

2 story IPO 2 story IPO

If your workplace has wasted air space, a mezzanine structure can be a great way to convert that wasted space into an office or storage unit. At Wilmot, we have several different options to choose from, including creating offices above or below a mezzanine, a multi-level IPO, to raised storage mezzanines that free up valuable floor space.

floor space 1 28929.jpg


All About Versatility

Outside of those two categories, there’s so much more we can do with IPOs and beyond. Companies like Wilmot Modular Structures offer features like fire rating or ballistic resistant features. They can function as laboratories or first aid stations, or act as storage rooms or even security towers. If you are considering an in-plant office solution or a panelized structure for a  quick and easy space solution, we would love to talk to you and build a custom plan to make your workplace as efficient and organized as possible.

Tower IPO.png

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