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Modular Restrooms: A Breath of Fresh Air

Posted by Kathy Wilmot on March 9, 2018


We often mischaracterize temporary restrooms as being cramped, full of unpleasant odors, and teeming with infectious disease. While this may be true for the occasional forgotten port-a-potty somewhere in a park, this urban myth doesn’t even remotely apply to modular locker rooms and restrooms. In fact, these pre-assembled plumbing fixtures are designed with multiple amenities to resemble a state-of-the-art restroom.

According to a survey, fear of germs is rampant, especially in a workplace restroom. More workers have expressed interest in touchless features, such as automatic toilets and motion activated faucets, and air fresheners. Understandably, the top complaints were unpleasant smells, clogged or unflushed toilets, and empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers.

Shower and Locker Room Trailers


If you or your employees are out on the job site all day, it’s absolutely understandable if you’re craving a shower to wash off the day. Our facilities offer shower and restrooms with a moisture-resistant interiors, which not only avoid mildew but keep the locker room smelling fresh. These finishes are made for durability and a quick clean up.

Moreover, these restroom trailers are built to cater to your needs. Facilities can include a storage closet, changing tables for infants and unisex accommodations.



Restroom Units


restroom area 2

A large portion of restroom complaints are directed at the shortage of supplies and hand soap, which of course can lead to serious illness.

Our mobile restrooms are a far cry from port-a-potties. They flush away any myths (or fears) of an unsanitized or cramped restroom. In fact, these modular structures resemble a real building with top-notch appliances

Our standard mobile restrooms contain toilets, privacy partitions, sinks, mirrors, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and all necessary handicap fixtures. We provide restrooms for offices and schools, where viruses could run rampant if they’re not controlled. In order to maintain a clean and healthy environment, it’s essential to stop viruses at the source of the problem.

How This Affects Your Company


Employees often view restroom cleanliness as a sign of respect from their employer.

Constructing restrooms that are pleasant to use is a great way to improve your business's on-site experience. Not only does it increase employee morale, it also encourages good buying behaviors from your customers.

We are the drivers of innovation when it comes to restroom cleanliness, and we have elevated standards for comfort and convenience. We've worked across industries and taken on complex challenges. Read this case study to learn how we solved a chemical manufacturing companies restroom space needs. 


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