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Mom is Boss – No, Really!

Posted by Kathy Wilmot on May 2, 2022

Mothers around the world – here it comes! Your day is this Sunday – the day you pretty much can get whatever you want with just a smile to the hubby and kids reminding them it’s Mother’s Day.

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As a Mom that also works every day with her two sons and daughter and law – I count my blessings and know how lucky I am to not only see my kids often, but to work together with them and watch them grow as young professionals. During the work day, however, the “Mom” hat comes off and we discuss things as coworkers striving towards the same goal – running a successful family business. But when we are together outside the office, believe me, I pull the Mom card a lot!

I never have to carry anything around (although I lift weights almost every day when I exercise); if something I bought needs to be assembled – I make a plea for help (of course, it usually involves making dinner in exchange for the service); and if I can’t figure out something high-tech, they are there to explain it.

My mother also ran a business and I learned from her how to separate the two relationships – Employer/Employee and Mom/son or daughter. It’s not always easy for either party. I won’t lie – having a personal relationship with the boss does gain a different access than others, but it can also be a curse. Many assume they have been given their positions and haven’t worked as hard to earn what they have. To those, I will say right now, that my boys and daughter in law have not only earned every accomplishment they have achieved, but were probably treated with harsher rules than others just because we didn’t want that perception. So even though it can be a challenge, it has great rewards too!

Yes, on this Mother’s Day, the “boss” hat comes off, I’m just Mom and I look forward to enjoying the day with my kids and family. I hope you also have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your Moms, your kids, or in memory of your Mom.

Kathy Wilmot and her husband, Mike, own Wilmot Modular Structures and Allender Storage. Her son, Kevin, and Daughter-In-Law, Jenna works for Wilmot and her son, Chris, works for Allender  Storage, but will soon to be a permanent member at WMS this summer!

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