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Need Restrooms? Modular Is the Answer!

Posted by Wilmot Modular on November 1, 2019

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Having sufficient restroom space can often be a challenge, especially at crowded facilities and those undergoing renovations or remodeling. Long lines at restrooms decrease employee productivity and can impact the work environment. Construction job sites, schools and athletic leagues may also face the same issue and need temporary restrooms. When funding to increase the size of the permanent structure hasn't been obtained yet, a modular restroom could be the solution that fits within the current budget.

Traditional “portapotties” (or "porta johns") are quick answers but have many disadvantages, including: being difficult to make accessible for people with disabilities, they require the use of chemicals, and they have the tendency to become, shall we say, pungent by the end of the day. Modular restroom buildings and temporary restroom trailers provide an alternative answer.  

For shorter term needs, restroom trailers are a good option. They can include shower facilities, lockers, changing tables, etc., and are ideal for extra space during COVID-19 surges, building renovations, construction sites, and even athletic fields for visiting sports teams. Unlike traditional portable toilets, it's very easy to make modular restrooms ADA-compliant. In fact, most dealers that lease modular restrooms carry them as standard models. Moreover, you can modify the modular to create the amenities you need. 

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Seasonal facilities may use these trailers for an extended period of time. They also work well for remote areas where there is no ability to hook up to municipal water. Temporary modular restroom buildings can be quickly hooked up to tanks or sewage, water, and power, allowing for a quick increase in space without relying on chemical restrooms. Of course, sites may be in a really remote location where utilities are not available or they just won’t be needed long enough to warrant the time it will take to hook up tanks. In those cases, it is often more convenient to use chemical toilets.


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Do You Need a More Permanent Solution?

For permanent solutions, modular buildings in general have a quicker build time without sacrificing any quality. They also use less energy and produce less waste. The exterior finish of the structure can even be designed to fit in with the surrounding environment depending on your specific needs and wants.

For example, a manufacturer in Pennsylvania realized that the percentage of women applying for traditionally male-dominated roles was sharply increasing and their current facility was not fit to handle the required restroom facilities needed for additional employees. A modular building with toilets, a changing area, and lockers was installed inside their warehouse.

Schools that are considering safer ways to implement their athletic programs next year might choose modular buildings as a permanent option because they can be installed quickly with little disturbance to the surrounding area. Changing areas with lockers and showers can fit into a small footprint and budget, making modular units a great solution for space needs.

Loyola Modular Restroom Building

Modular restrooms are a much better alternative to traditional solutions, for all kinds of situations where facilities are needed – either for a short-term application or to deal with our new 'normal' due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wilmot Modular offers modular restrooms and locker rooms that are ideal for any situation where you simply need to solve space needs fast. Reach out today to learn more!

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