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Choose from a variety of floorplans available in our lease fleet. 


With a variety of lease terms and financing options, Wilmot Modular offers a wide range of floor plans for our mobile offices solutions and emergency space solutions. Our mobile buildings with our office floor plans can be modified, expanded or relocated to accommodate any space requirement. Wilmot Modular has what you need... on time and within your budget!

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MO = mobile office, SC = shower trailer, TT = Toilet Trailer, ST = Shower Trailer.

8 wides

8x24 Mobile Office
SC820 CO
8x20 Storage Container w/office
8x28 Mobile Office
SC820 CS
8x20 Storage Container w/office & storage
MO832 w/r
8x28 Mobile Office w/bath
SC840 CO
8x40 Storage Container w/office
SC840 CS
8x40 Storage Container w/office & storage

10 wides

12 wides

24 wides

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