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modular medical facility
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Extra Space

  • Many hospitals, medical facilities and substance abuse treatment centers are finding that they are short on resources, including space. Our modular buildings can provide your facility with the extra space you need for patient treatment or  administrative office space.

Temporary or Permanent Buildings

  • You can choose between a temporary or permanent building. 
  • We create custom designs while maintaining stringent medical and aesthetic specifications (such as soundproof walls).

Turnkey Services

  • We offer a variety of innovative services that meet project demands and client requirements.
  • Turnkey services will help make your project's progress quick and efficient.

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modular medical facility

The Modular Advantage

With modular, or offsite construction, the structures are designed and produced offsite. This means site preparations are happening at the same time as the structures are being produced which ultimately saves time. Saving time = saving money!

Space Needs Solved

Our buildings can be used for administrative office space or additional treatment/clinic space. We will design and deliver the right modular space for your facilities needs.

Fully Customizable

We offer a variety of interior and exterior finishes and treatments designed to make your modular building integrate with existing structures or the environment.