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West Virginia, flush with natural beauty, has significant infrastructure gaps that need to be filled in order for visitors and residents to be able to absorb all the Mountain State has to offer. In a recent Infrastructure Report Card, West Virginia scored in the D-range for the condition of its bridges, dams, drinking water, roads, and wastewater. However, engineers are busy finding effective solutions.

Modular office spaces with custom floor plans and storage units could go a long way towards supporting the thoughtful efforts of the officials working to make West Virginia’s infrastructure as attractive as its landscape. Because the population of the state is shrinking, tax revenues are on the decline. Therefore, the money saved through using modular office spaces, such as those built with shipping containers, situated close to construction areas can help officials get the work done while remaining at- or under-budget.

Fixing and expanding West Virginia’s roadways can be done in a more budget-friendly fashion with the implementation of modular storage and office spaces as well. Modular units can be used to repair one section of road and then picked up and moved to the next project. Because modular units are flexible in their size and function, they could be used for a range of other projects, such as dams, and for drinking water and wastewater improvements.

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