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Wilmot Modular Structures Training Centers

Training requirements for your company vary during different business cycles. During periods of extensive employee training, utilizing a custom modular building minimizes the impact on your operational space. This approach offers the convenience of keeping your employees on-site, fostering collaborative training, and eliminating the necessity of leasing external space.

View some of our Training Centers Projects

Training Academy Baltimore City Fire Department, Baltimore, Maryland
Employee Training Space Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
Firearms Training Facility Baltimore Police Department, Baltimore, Maryland

Get a custom-designed modular structure quickly, efficiently, and showcase your company training space

Not only does modular construction offer you room to grow, but our buildings are built off-site so there is less disruption during the construction process! Worried about financing? We offer flexible finance options, all designed to meet your needs.

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Office Furniture Including Desk and Chairs

Furniture & accessories
to compliment your unit

Choose from a wide selection of our furniture and accessories to complete your office space. There are many options to choose from including: table and plan desks, stackable chairs, rolling chairs, white boards, security applications, kitchenettes, and more!

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