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Pros and Cons of Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers

Posted by Wilmot Modular on August 28, 2020

Hope house drug treatment center exterior

For individuals struggling with substance abuse, treatment centers can be a life-changing and lifesaving resource. While both inpatient and outpatient centers have similar goals when it comes to recovery, they differ in the methods used to reach that finish line. However, with a welcoming environment and sufficient space, patients can get their best shot at a positive outcome regardless of the treatment they pursue. 

In this article, we dive into the use of outpatient drug treatment centers:


Pros and Cons of Outpatient Drug Treatment Centers

Seeking treatment for substance abuse can be the first step towards a happier and healthier life. For this reason and many others, it's crucial that communities provide the best treatment options available. 

When considering the addition of outpatient treatment centers, you'll want to be aware of these pros and cons:

  • Cons of Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment lacks the 24-hour observation and care that inpatient provides. This can lead to an increased chance of relapse or lessened success rates. And while outpatient centers allow patients to live a less disrupted life, day-to-day stressors and unforeseen circumstances can lead to temptations and hardships. 

  • Pros of Outpatient Treatment

Because there's no need to provide housing, food, and the wages of 24/7 care providers, outpatient treatment centers often come with much lower costs in general. Individuals who seek treatment at one of these facilities are able to continue working and going about their daily routines, which can ease perceived feelings of judgment and stigmatization associated with getting help.

Another common barrier for those pursuing recovery is a lack of access. In 2016, 21 million people ages 12 and up needed substance abuse treatment. Only 3.8 million received it. For some, the struggle of finding the correct type of treatment center extends to literally needing to find one. That’s where communities can step in to provide access to improve their town’s general well-being.


Drug Treatment Center FAQs

If you plan to build an outpatient drug treatment center to help individuals in your community, you may have some questions depending on information you’ve read. The stigma surrounding substance abuse can lead many to be wary of new treatment facilities. Here are some answers to common questions that should help lay your fears to rest: 


  • Do drug treatment centers bring more crime to areas they are located? 

The short answer is no. The longer answer is also no, and science can prove it! A study by Johns Hopkins University showed that although crime tends to increase around any public establishment, violence is no greater a risk near drug treatment centers than it is near your average convenience store.


  • Do drug treatment centers reduce the value of surrounding properties?

Fears have long circulated that bringing a drug treatment center to a neighborhood will reduce the value of surrounding homes and businesses. However, a recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research debunked these rumors. When taking into account the confounding variable — that these centers are already typically built in areas with lower property values — there was no significant decline as a result of a new treatment center.

If anything, the biggest impact a drug treatment center will have on a neighborhood is new jobs and relief for those struggling! 


Modular Buildings for Success

The way that a treatment center is designed and built can make a difference on patient outcomes. When designing or customizing  a facility, you'll want to focus on providing: 

  • - Windows for access to natural lighting as the benefits of natural lighting are exponential
  • - An open floor plan to create a welcoming environment
  • - A secure and private experience


Interior of an outpatient drug treatment center in a modular building


Beyond your community's treatment needs, consider the construction area's available budget and space. Healthcare's funding can be quickly diminished, and long construction projects can be costly to the peace of a community. By the time a project is finished, increased need may already demand more space. 

Pros of utilizing a modular building: 

- You’ll receive a fast, cost-effective, and flexible solution to your extra space needs
- You can choose between a permanent or temporary building 
- You can get custom designs, while also maintaining stringent medical and aesthetic specifications
- Turnkey services allow you to go about your daily operations with minimal to no interruptions

Exterior of a modular building outpatient treatment center 

How Wilmot Modular Can Help

With our modular buildings built offsite, we can erect a building twice as fast compared to companies that employ traditional construction methods. You'll be able to be up and running much quicker with less disruptions to the surrounding area. We'll use our knowledge about the needs of drug treatment centers and design to bring you the best results we can. If you're ready to start healing your community and building your project, contact Wilmot Modular today!

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