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While Maryland’s infrastructure has seen some improvement over recent years, some needs remain. Maryland’s rail system received a C+ in its most recent Infrastructure Report Card. One of the major obstacles to the adequate expansion of Maryland’s rail services is a funding gap of $3 billion needed to meet the growing needs of the railway. The expense associated with building administrative offices near railway construction sites could be significantly offset with the use of modular office spaces. Modular offices are inexpensive to construct and can make it easier for decision-makers to manage the project because they can be closer to the construction.

Funding concerns have also hampered the development of Maryland’s roads. With heavy to severe traffic on 15% of their expressways during peak hours, Maryland officials recognize the need for improvement. With the use of modular storage, contractors can safely store and secure materials at construction sites, saving time, effort, and funds for workers who would otherwise have to relocate them each day. In addition, if workers need to be trained, modular educational facilities can be erected at appropriate locations. With training getting up and running faster, your business can capitalize on the funds available and increase production.

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