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3 Tips for Teaching in a Portable Classroom

Posted by Wilmot Modular on February 18, 2019

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More and more parents are turning to private and charter schools, which in turn increases the demand of those schools. Many of these schools are having to look for innovative modular building solutions to meet expansion needs.

The utilization of portable classrooms continues to rise across the U.S. – as many as 300,000 are currently in use. Some educators are concerned about being siloed from the rest of the school building, being far from the bathroom, or even a lack of space. However, portable classrooms provide a quality teaching environment and these challenges can be easily overcome. Below we provide three tips for teaching in a portable classroom.   


1. Remember the Importance of Classroom Management

Proper classroom management allows teachers to maintain prosocial behaviors in their classrooms. While teaching strategies are a big part of that, the classroom environment is an essential piece of the puzzle. The ideal organization of a classroom involves, “strategically placing furniture, learning centers, and materials in order to optimize student learning and reduce distractions.” It’s important to prioritize what’s important and get rid of the clutter. There are several Pinterest boards that give ideas for maximizing the space in your portable classrooms, like this one.


portable modular classroom building solution


2. Develop a System to Get to the Main School Building

A challenge that many teachers face is getting students to and from their portable classrooms into the permanent building. Schools are building covered walkways from their portable classrooms to the permanent building to prevent students from being exposed to rain or snow. Also, if necessary, ensure that each portable classroom has a key fob (as part of their hallway pass) to get students into the building with ease. And if you’re feeling isolated – Take a classroom-wide Brain Break to the main building to fight against the feeling of being siloed.

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3. Establish Your Bathroom Procedures

Depending on their grade, some teachers may be hesitant to send students to the bathroom alone. Bathroom buddies can help ensure that students get back to the classroom in a timely manner. Teachers can also build into their day regularly scheduled bathroom breaks for the entire class. Lastly, many modular construction companies can even support the addition of bathrooms inside portable classrooms!



How Wilmot Modular Can Meet Your School’s Space Needs

Enrollment rates aren’t showing any chance of slowing down, which means schools will continue to face the challenge of meeting their space needs. Wilmot Modular has years of experience with providing modular buildings to various industries, including private and charter schools. Additionally, our architects have the expertise to customize your portable classroom to meet your needs and wants. Are you ready to discuss your project?

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