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Wilmot Modular

Since 1989 Wilmot Modular Structures has been an industry leader in the distribution, sales and leasing of portable, prefabricated, mobile offices, custom modular buildings and ground level storage containers. Check out our recent posts.

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Wilmot Modular

The Versatile World of Modular Buildings: How Industries Are Using Them in the Mid-Atlantic Region

In a rapidly changing world, the way we build and use space is evolving as well. Modular buildings, often referred to as "prefabricated" or "off-site...

Wilmot Modular

Open and Closed Construction Inspection Process

Open/Closed Construction

Wilmot Modular

Fire Statistics, Safety Matters | Wilmot Modular Structures

Fire Safety is a key factor in building code objectives.

Wilmot Modular

Modular Building Codes and Regulation

Click here to download a list of codes and regulations by state.

Wilmot Modular

Why Modular

Rise Of Modular Construction

In recent years, modular building construction has increased in popularity. Factory-built buildings have become more...