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According to a recent report, 80% of Washington D.C.’s bridges will need to be replaced within 10 years or less. While this may seem like a tall order, D.C. has already proven itself capable of making improvements—reducing the percentage of structurally deficient bridges over the last three years from 8% down to 3%. To ease the financial burden of these efforts, project managers could use modular units with custom floor plans to house management offices and to secure and maintain construction equipment.

Further, to improve its drinking water infrastructure, D.C. officials have committed to replacing 1% of its pipes each year. The drinking water pipes stretch some 1,350 miles, necessitating mobile construction solutions. Using modular shipping containers with custom floor plans, project managers can arrange for one storage or office unit to be relocated to different areas along the pipeline that need improvement.

The D.C. area continues to see population growth, as well, with the number of people climbing for 14 years in a row. With more and more people comes the need for more schools. Modular construction can provide classroom spaces that go up quickly and according to code while saving critical funds along the way.

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