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According to a recent report, ten of New Jersey’s most frequently-traveled bridges are in need of major repairs. Further, across the state, 529 bridges have been rated as “structurally deficient." To maximize the substantial investment needed to address these problems, New Jersey could take advantage of the benefits of modular construction. When working with bridges, in particular, space is often restricted, especially due to the crowded roadways leading up to and around the construction area.

With modular storage and office spaces however, each building can be made just the right size, enabling it to fit within the spatial constraints of the project. Also, as a crew moves from one bridge to another, the modular buildings can move with them, thus eliminating the need to build a new set of structures. Not only would this save time but also money, as the facilities are reused from one site to the next.

New Jersey is also addressing the problem of raw sewage with their Sewage-Free Streets and Rivers program. The improvements to New Jersey’s water infrastructure can be realized quickly with the use of modular storage and office spaces. Using modular buildings at each site can get crews and organizers up and running faster while making it easier for overseers to manage each project.

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