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Mt. Storm Power Station

  • Use:
    Switch Yard Personnel Office, Laboratory, Breakroom & Restrooms
  • Location:
    Davis, West Virginia
  • Size of Building:
    5,488 sq. ft.


Architectural Excellence:

The project consists of (9) modules totaling approximately 5,488 sq. ft. In order to achieve rigid safety requirements at the site a steel canopy system was designed and erected over the office complex. The 26 GA high-rib steel exterior finish compliments the same industrial look on surrounding existing buildings. Multiple concrete decks and ADA Ramp systems with vinyl railings were installed in several locations. They were required due to the harsh environments in the changing seasons at the site. Custom flooring finishes were selected throughout the building both for there resilience, appearance, and insulating properties. An open lab area was specifically designed for the client with an increased floor load capacity to accommodate proprietary equipment used for testing by employees.

Technical Innovations:

In the initial design phase we were asked to meet critical requirements to ensure the safety of all employees working in this building. Our first design challenge was to develop a system that could withstand 1-2 lb. missiles, ice shards that form during the winter months, which travel at 120 mph or more. Our second challenge involved coordination and tying into an existing grounding system that if done incorrectly could result in death or serious harm to site personnel or employees. The third challenge involved a rigid design that could stand up to heavy abuse, extreme climate changes, and potential water infiltration issues into the structure. The result was to design, fabricate, and erect a stand-alone steel canopy system over the office complex which achieved all of the owner's needs.

Cost Effectiveness/Energy Efficiency:

Due to the client's specific jobsite requirements and the building's location it was imperative to ensure the entire project design provided a safe working environment for the occupants. The harsh environment conditions encountered by employees throughout the year coupled with hazardous site conditions resulted in a design that was not the least expensive option. With safety being paramount, the Wilmot Modular Team developed a solution that exceeded all expectations and resulted in a successful project that will protect the occupants for many years to come. So in comparison to the value of human life, there is no price that can be set to protect or save it. In that respect, the cost effectiveness in the Wilmot solution was the most logical path to take.

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Other Custom Modular Buildings:


Wilmot Modular offers total management of your project including feasibility studies, custom design, site planning, fabrication, and installation. We provide standard floor plans or we can custom design a building plan for your specific needs.

If your congregation outgrows your current space, Wilmot Modular can provide you with affordable, expandable and relocatable mobile and modular spaces for your sanctuary, administration offices, classrooms, daycare centers, meeting rooms and recreation facilities.

The modular construction offers your church room to grow by providing maximum value. Designed to meet your needs, we offer quality modular buildings with flexible finance options, and factory built so there is less disruption during the construction process to your site.

Commercial Offices

Permanent modular buildings serve as corporate headquarters, satellite bureaus, institutional and administrative buildings, and offices for small businesses.

When production demands, temporary mobile and modular buildings can temporarily enlarge a current facility without permanent alterations to the site. Temporary modular offices can be single- and multi-story buildings configured to include independent offices, conference rooms, and large open spaces. Large and small businesses as well as local and state government are typical users of temporary modular office space.

Wilmot Modular also offers full turnkey services including site development, engineering services and construction management as well as financial options to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

We offer many special features including:

  • Fire Alarm, Sprinkler & Security Systems
  • Custom Exterior & Interior Finishes
  • Custom Lighting & Skylights
  • Elevators & Handicapped Accessibility


Children need safe, comfortable yet sturdy learning environments. Wilmot Modular mobile and modular buildings provide all this and more. We offer many child-friendly amenities and options with your children in mind including:


  • Security & Sprinkler Systems
  • Washable Wall Finishes
  • Tackboards, Shelving and Cubbies

General Specifications:

  • Immediate Delivery
  • Standard or Custom Floorplans
  • Numerous Interior or Exterior finishes
  • Quick Response
  • Flexible Financing
  • Lease or Purchase
  • Temporary or Permanent Use

Educational Facilities

Fluctuating enrollments, shifting demographics, and aging facilities are just a few of the reasons school administration staff rely on Wilmot Modular to deliver affordable and quality factory-built modular classrooms and buildings. Modular schools and portable classrooms can be temporary or permanent facilities and the modules can be relocated or expanded to accommodate the growth of the school district. This is the advantage of using modular construction.

From a single classroom to a multi-classroom facility, Wilmot Modular can design and deliver the right mobile and modular space for your needs.


  • Classrooms & Labs
  • Libraries
  • Conference & Training Rooms
  • Science Labs
  • Administration Offices


If your healthcare facility needs to be expanded, consider a modular building as a cost-effective flexible solution. Temporary or permanent modular construction offers quiet, safe and clean applications for a new clinic, hospital expansion, laboratory, diagnostic center, MRI unit, dentist office or other medical facilities.

The facility can be open for business and serving communities in as little as a few days. Permanent or temporary modular buildings can be custom built to the tightest budgets while maintaining strict medical and aesthetic specifications.

Single story or multi-story buildings can be custom designed for:

  • Administrative & Medical Offices
  • Clinics & Laboratories
  • Patient Care Facilities
  • Drug & Alcohol Clinic
  • Emergency Room
  • MRI Facilities

Retail Offices

Modular construction is an accelerated process and saves time and money. This is very important to banks, restaurants, convenience stores, automobile dealerships, new home sales centers, golf pro shops, and other retail buildings. Standard floorplans of mobile and modular buildings are available for immediate delivery while custom buildings are built to the customers specifications in weeks, not months.

Earlier occupancy means quicker return on investment and it is not uncommon for many modular buildings to be up and running in as little as 24 hours. While buildings are being built in a quality-controlled factory, site work is occurring at the same time. This results in a much shorter overall construction period and minimal site disruption.

When an emerging business' needs are short term, temporary or permanent mobile and modular buildings accommodate any financial needs, space requirement, and deadlines.


  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Concession Stands
  • College Bookstores
  • Car Dealerships

Scale Houses

Wilmot offers an affordable solution for scale houses that monitor and manage cargo weight, traffic & transactions at highway weigh stations, landfills, & recycling centers. These buildings can be customized to include electrical systems, factory plumbed restrooms & HVAC systems. Exterior features can include custom roof structures, special glazing including ballistics rated walls, roofs & windows, custom paint finishes, and exterior wall treatments such as factory applied brick or stone.

Scale House features:

  • Helps to eliminate the down time required to build a conventional scale house
  • Fully assembled and ready for occupancy
  • Great for highway weigh stations, landfills & recycling centers
  • Durable construction, flexible designs, custom finishes, versatile, affordable

Security Applications

Modular construction is used in almost every industry including prison cells, correctional housing, court rooms, transfer handling centers and administrative centers. Outdated facilities are quickly replaced with buildings using modular construction.

Modular construction is the smart solution because of the fast turnaround and can cost up to 50% less than conventional constructed buildings.


  • Jails/Dormitories
  • Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Work Areas
  • Counseling Rooms
  • Inmate Housing Units
  • Medical Treatment Centers
  • Special Management Units
  • Holding Centers
  • Administration Offices (eg. Court Houses/Rooms, Classification Centers, Reception Centers)

Self Storage

When building a self-storage facility, modular construction can offer significant advantages over stick-built construction. Temporary or permanent modular buildings are built in strict accordance with appropriate local, state and national regulations and codes. Modular construction has the same life expectancy as traditionally built buildings, with proper maintenance, can last indefinitely.

Self-storage features:

  • custom exteriors to match existing facilities
  • durable exterior & interior finishes
  • architecturally designed
  • can be relocated
  • ground-level entry or elevated with ramp

The Benefits with Modular Construction:

  • Faster completion in construction - Start earning rental revenue in half the time of standard construction
  • Minimal disruption to current operation
  • The most current technology for security measures
  • Energy efficient features to save you money
  • Built with your schedule and budget in mind!

Rely on the experienced team at Wilmot Modular
to provide a building on time & on budget!