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Delaware, like much of the rest of the country, is fighting a brave battle against the rising opioid crisis. The Department of Health and Social Services has supported the initiative with a recent grant of $3.58 million to increase treatment capacity. With the use of modular units, this and future funds can stretch a lot further, providing treatment to many more people. A modular healthcare facility can be completed quickly and cost-efficiently while still supporting the infrastructure needed for top-quality care.

Delaware’s drinking water continues to be a point of concern for local officials. An estimated $1.74 billion investment in infrastructure is needed over the next 20 years to make the water safer for Delaware residents. With the use of modular buildings, offices and training facilities can be put in place to enhance the efficiency of the construction process. Further, as contractors move from one location to the next, the facilities can be easily relocated and reused for the next project.

Delaware’s impressive network of dams is also in need of crucial upkeep or upgrading. Throughout the state, 63 dams are labeled as “high hazard." The budget allocated to address these hazards could stretch further with the use of modular units to house temporary workers or provide office space for project administrators.

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