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Virginia’s drivers travel over 200 million miles every day, making use of the state’s vast network of roads and bridges. To make way for the growing transportation needs of the state, Governor Ralph Northam and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) have approved a $3.8 billion project. With the influx of designers, engineers, and builders converging on the state for this extended project, there will be a need for educational facilities and office space to help things progress smoothly and on-budget. With modular buildings, Virginia could provide the units they need to facilitate this vast work.

Virginia has also recently reported a critical gap in behavioral health services. According to a report by the Virginia Health Care Foundation, the behavioral health system presently can only accommodate 15% of the state’s needs. Using modular construction and custom floor plans to build or expand behavioral healthcare facilities, the state can quickly create the necessary space needed to serve a larger segment of the population.

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